Community Convention

To ensure the health and safety of the overall environment on this platform, VitaMe (hereinafter referred to as "We" or "Our Company") has formulated this community convention, the fundamental purpose of which is to ensure the good experience as much as possible for users, members, and other people who are in use of Our Company’s service(s) (hereinafter referred to as "You" or "User"). If any User violates these terms below, it may cause Our Company to suspend the providing service(s) to you or even permanently disable it. Our Company has the right to report any suspected criminal activity(ies) to the local public security authority(ies), where applicable.

Prohibition of violence and/or self-mutilation

We take violence and self-mutilation behaviour(s) seriously. If we are aware of a risk of damage or direct threat to the public safety, we may delete the content that violates these regulations and report the relevant content to the law enforcement agencies immediately. Similarly, we firmly prohibit threats to others, if it happens, we may permanently prohibit you from leveraging Our Company’s service(s).

Forbidden of naked or explicit words and deeds

Both men and women must always dress modestly in front of the camera(s). If you violate these rules, you will face a permanent ban from leveraging Our Company’s service(s). Our company prohibits the use of any identity to encourage nudity, if such event(s) is found, our company will suspend or permanently prohibit the user from leveraging Our Company’s service(s). Users are not allowed to engage in sexual or sexually suggestive behaviours, display sex toys, or perform sexually suggestive behaviours.

Prohibition of fraud, harassment or hatred speech

Users must respect the other members of the community. Our company does not allow ridicule, fraud, hatred, racial discrimination or harassment of other Users in the community. Although we respect freedom of speech, we never allow personal attacks based on race, nationality, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or other diseases.

Prohibition on the use of forbidden items

The use of illegal drugs, hazardous equipment, drinking, or smoking on live broadcast is prohibited.

Forbidden use by minors

This platform is only available to people over eighteen (18) years of age. If you find that you are under the age of eighteen (18) and have registered an account, you should obtain the permission of your legal representative (such as a parent or legal guardian) to register an account. If a User is found to have violated this regulation, Our Company has the right to refuse to provide all or part of Our Company’s service(s).

Prohibition on pranks against emergency departments or hotlines

Our Company does not allow User(s) to perform any prank(s) on emergency department(s) or emergency hotline(s), and any User(s) related to these act(s) will be permanently prohibited from using Our Company’s service(s).

Forbidden to induce or encourage violation of rules and regulations

Any inducing act(s) to the community member(s) to engage in sexual act(s) or illegal act(s) are prohibited. Similarly, any behaviour that induces or manipulates other members to create and distribute pornographic image(s) or solicit and provide personal information is prohibited. We also firmly prohibit illegal commercial activity(ies), including but not limited to pyramid scheme(s) or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). We prohibit the instigation to violate any rules and regulations, whether in chat(s) or live broadcast(s).

Prohibition on spamming acts

Repetitive input(s) or other method(s) that prevent other User(s) from conducting regular chat activity(ies) in an orderly manner are prohibited, we prohibit User(s) being disrupted from chatting in an orderly manner. Similarly, publishing pornographic or obscene or malicious website link(s) is also prohibited. We firmly prohibit you or any User(s) from posting link(s) to obscene or malicious website(s). Our company shall reserve the right to dispose of the account(s) involved in the above violation(s).

Our company reserves the right to update and modify this convention and its relevant regulation(s). If this convention is updated or modified, there shall be no separate notice given to you. You can review the new version of the community convention on Our Company's website or online platform. If you do not agree to the modified content, please cease using Our Company’s service(s). If you continue to use Our Company’s service(s) after this announcement, it is deemed that you have accepted and agreed to the community convention as provided herein.