Content Management Regulations

The following regulations are specially customised and designed for all users of VitaMe and to ensure that Our Company’s online platform is an environmental conscious, healthy, harmonious and superior quality virtual avenue for live broadcast(s).

Any host (regardless of contract-bound or not) must abide by the following regulations, otherwise they will be sanctioned. The severity of such sanction(s) will be comprehensively assessed by VitaMe’s officials based on myriad objective factors such as the intent of the violation, the time of the violation and the subject of the violation.

1. Definition of Violations in the Live Room

1.1 The host is obliged to ensure that the live broadcast setting and ambience are healthy and orderly; the host is also responsible for all of the live broadcast content(s) in the live broadcast room, such as the microphone connector, the room information and etc. If there are any violations as the above, the VitaMe’s officials will penalise the offender(s) based on the violation(s), meanwhile the host and the brokerage company will be jointly penalised.

1.2 Any anti-government behaviours are strictly prohibited. For example:-

  1. Any violation of any basic principle(s) established under the Federal Constitution of Malaysia.
  2. Any act(s )or behaviour(s) of inciting the racial hatred, racial discrimination, and undermining racial unity.
  3. Any act(s) or behaviour(s) of quashing the national religious policy(ies) and promoting cult(s) or feudal superstition(s).
  4. Any act(s) or behaviour(s) which causing the damage to national honour or interests.
  5. Any act(s) or behaviour(s) which endangers the national security, leaks of state secrets, subverts the state power, or disrupts national unity.
  6. Any act(s) or behaviour(s) which spreads the rumours, disrupts the social order or undermines social stability.
  7. Any act(s) or behaviour(s) which spreads violence, terrorism, or instigates crime.
  8. Any act(s) or behaviour(s) which incites the illegal assemblies, associations, processions, demonstrations, and gathering people to disrupt social order.
  9. Any public discourse of other political topic(s) that may cause or have caused adverse effect(s).

1.3 It is strictly prohibited to broadcast any content(s) that violates any law(s), regulation(s) and the live broadcast platform policy(ies). For example:-

  1. The distribution of drug(s) is strictly prohibited. For example: all drug-related live content(s) such as drug sample(s), drug taking performance(s) and method(s) of inhaling or injecting drug(s), explaining the drug production process, and etc.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to promote information about gambling/casino, drugs, prostitution, and etc.
  3. No eroticism, excessive nudity, and etc.
  4. Any organisation advocacy, publicity or any act or behaviour of inducing users to join Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) (or any operations similar to MLM businesses) are forbidden.
  5. No live broadcast by any disabled persons, soldiers, police and officials.

1.4 It is strictly forbidden to display any gun(s), controlled knife(s) or weapon(s), and perform any high-risk performance(s). For example:-

  1. Any live content(s) that endangers the personal safety of the others. For example: beating others, threatening others with knife(s), and etc.
  2. Any live content(s) that endangers your own safety. For example: self-mutilation, commiting suicide and etc.
  3. Any live content(s) that endangers animal life(s) and health. For example: animal abuse and etc.
  4. It is strictly prohibited to conduct any other illegal, infringing, or life-threatening live broadcast content(s).

1.5 It is strictly prohibited to publish any advertising information. E.g:

  1. Any advertisements for gambling, charging on behalf, fan popularity on sale, adult product(s), gun(s), sabre(s), adult video(s), sex product(s), health product(s), cigarette(s), illegal drug(s), and etc., but not limited to the above content(s).

1.6 It is strictly forbidden to live broadcast with vulgar, exposing, sexually suggestive clothing(s) and etc. For example:-

  1. Large-scale nudity for women and topless for men;
  2. Wearing erotic clothing(s), exposing clothing(s), see-through clothing(s), skin-tone tight(s), undergarment(s), underwear(s), clothing(s) with sexual suggestive text(s) or picture(s), etc.;
  3. Naked underwear(s), wearing clothing(s) that exposes ditch or easily exposes ditch.
  4. The hem of the skirt(s) or short(s) is higher than the bottom line of the hip.
  5. Any indecent makeup(s), etc.

1.7 Infringement of legal rights of others. For example:-

  1. The infringement on the privacy of others and endanger the public interest(s). For instance, disclose personal information such as the ID(s), name(s), address(es), telephone number(s) and other private information of others, without the consent of the person concerned.
  2. The unauthorised use of picture(s), text(s), video(s), audio(s), etc. to promote other live broadcast platform(s) or brokerage company(ies) of the same type.
  3. Play any unauthorised film(s) and television work(s) or game(s).
  4. Any other act(s) that infringes upon the legitimate right(s) and interest(s) by allowing infant(s) or young children without autonomous behaviour to appear in the live broadcast room.
  5. Impersonating media(s), reporter(s), radio station(s), or of similar kind to conduct live broadcast activity(ies) or unauthorised of unofficial activity(ies).
  6. Pretend to be an official personnel or use a nickname or tone similar to that of an official personnel to post any comment(s), private message(s) or other form(s) of communication channel(s) to any User.

2. Live content regulations.

  1. It is strictly forbidden to open live broadcast room(s) with obscene, provocative headline(s), head shot(s), live broadcast cover(s), or etc.
  2. Live content(s) which with the intent of improperly harassing others is strictly prohibited.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to perform sexually suggestive behaviour(s), such as:
    (1) The lens is focused on the sexually sensitive part(s) that covered by clothing(s).
    (2) Any performing action(s) that can stimulate any sexual fantasy(ies).
    (3) The use of any sex product(s) as performance props.
  4. It is strictly prohibited to spread information that infringes on the intellectual property(ies) or any other rights of others, such as the content which is not authorised by the legal right holder(s), any clip or scene from copyright-free video(s), other video website(s), live broadcast platform(s), TV station(s), and etc.
  5. The publishing of false information and fraudulent content(s) is strictly prohibited.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to showcase any dangerous equipment(s) during the live broadcast(s), such as: controlled knife(s), gun(s), highly simulated gun(s), highly dangerous performance(s), and etc.
  7. It is strictly prohibited to smoke or promote underage smoking, drinking, and etc. during any live broadcast(s).

2.1 The host’s clothing and makeup regulation(s).

  1. It is strictly forbidden for women to deliberately expose sensitive part(s) such as cleavage and buttocks.
  2. It is strictly prohibited to wear erotic clothing(s), exposing clothing(s), see-through clothing(s), skin-tone tights, underwear(s), undergarment(s), etc.
  3. It is strictly forbidden for men to wear only underwear(s) or tight-fitting short(s) which similar to underwear(s).
  4. It is strictly prohibited to wear any exposing clothes or indecent clothes with obvious sexual hints.

2.2 Live speech regulations.

  1. It is strictly forbidden to use insulting, offensive, or discriminatory language, or to disclose the privacy of others.
  2. It is strictly prohibited to deliberately imitate various sexually provocative voice(s).
  3. It is strictly forbidden to promote other platforms of the same type (including but not limited to text(s), voice(s), picture(s), video(s), etc.).
  4. Any behaviour that is suspected to persuade, induce, encourage, or incite Users or hosts to stop using the VitaMe platform or transfer to other platforms is strictly prohibited.

2.3 The live broadcast disruptions to the VitaMe’s operation.

  1. It is strictly prohibited to publish or disseminate any false, transactional, harassing content or any advertising content without the official consent of VitaMe.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to wear state agency(ies) uniform(s), military uniform(s), police uniform(s), and etc. on any broadcast live.
  3. It must be timely or promptly for the host to ban or silent the User(s) who posts any illegal or explicit advertisement(s) on any live broadcast.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to spread or publish rumour(s) in any form.
  5. It is strictly prohibited to publish borrowing(s), loan(s), password(s) from others, or other property-related consultation(s).
  6. It is strictly prohibited to purchase false popularity or obtain diamond(s), gift(s) or props through illegal mean(s) or unofficial channel(s).
  7. Meaningless live broadcast content(s) that has not been interacted with the audience for a long time or determined by the platform is strictly prohibited.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to harass the normal life of surrounding resident(s) during the live broadcast and cause complaint(s) from others.

2.4 General live broadcast requirements.

  1. Ensure that the camera lens of the mobile phone is clear and not blurred.
  2. Ensure that there will be no network instability during anylive broadcast.
  3. Every host has the obligation to manage and protect his followers.
  4. Promote any live broadcast room through the host’s own resources.
  5. The host must be over eighteen (18) years old to start the live broadcasting. If the host is under the age of eighteen (18) years, the host should obtain the permission of his legal representative (such as a parent or legal guardian) to start broadcasting. If any non-compliance is found, it will be dealt with in accordance with Our Company’s platform’s regulations.
  6. The host must properly manage the administrators in the live broadcast room, including the permission to operate and regulate their words and actions. If the administrator causes a poor live broadcast user experience, he must bear the liability himself and Our Company will not intervene into any private disputes between Users. If the User’s act or behaviour has affected the ambience and operating order of Our Company’s platform, it will be dealt with in accordance with Our Company platform’s standards.
  7. The host’s personal photo sticker and live broadcast profile cover cannot be a QR code or bar code with any erotic or obscene information.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to open any live broadcast while driving (including but not limited to any means of transportation, entertainment facility(ies)) or specifically riding in the back seat of a motorcycle. Once it is found, the live broadcast is forced to be terminated or sanctioned according to Our Company platform’s standards.
  9. It is prohibited to wear school uniform(s) or any clothing(s) with company logo(s) or platform names to broadcast live (except for Our Company’s platform activity(ies)).
  10. The host shall not leave the live broadcast camera for more than five (5) minutes.

Once any violation or non-compliance is identified, the Company will determine the severity of the punishment based on its seriousness.

The Company reserves the right to update and modify this policy and its relevant standards. If this policy is updated or modified, there shall be no separate notice given to you. You can review the new policy terms on Our Company's website or from online platform. If you do not agree to the revised content, please cease in using Our Company’s service(s). If you continue to use Our Company’s service(s) after this announcement, you are deemed to have accepted and agreed to the revised policy as provided herein.