Terms of Service

These Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") are between you (hereinafter referred to as "You" or "User") and VitaMe (hereinafter referred to as "We" or "Our Company") regarding User registration, login, and the relevant conditions, rights and obligations in the use of Our Company's services.

Usage Notice

Before signing this Agreement, please read it rigorously to protect your rights. If you have any questions about these terms of service, you can consult the customer service staff. This service is only available to people over eighteen (18) years of age. If it is discovered that you are under the age of eighteen (18) but registered an account at Our Company’s online platform, Our Company reserves the right to refuse to provide all or part of Our Company’s service(s). When the User clicks on buttons with the meaning of "Agree and Register Account", "Accept", or actually use the service(s) provided by Our Company for registered Users, the User is deemed to have fully accepted and signed this Agreement.

After you have signed this Agreement, this Agreement may be modified due to any changes in product function(s) and form(s), operating plan(s), and the environment for performing this Agreement. The revised Agreement will be published on Our Company’s website/software for you to check at any time. If you have any objection(s) to the revised Agreement, you shall immediately cease to log inonto Our Company’s online platform and cease to use Our Company's product(s) and service(s). If you have continued to log in or continued to use Our Company’s product(s) and service(s), you are deemed to have approved the revised Agreement and agreed to be bound by it.

If you wish to use the service(s) provided by any third party linked to any of Our Company’s service(s), in addition to complying with this Agreement, you shall comply with the relevant user service terms of the relevant third party. If there is any dispute(s), loss(es) or injury(ies) between you and the third party's service(s), it shall be resolved between you and the third party without any interference with Our Company operations and Our Company shall not be responsible for any of such event(s).

Responsibilities and obligations for using the service

To use Our Company's services, you agree to download and install the official version(s) of Our Company’s software from GOOGLE PLAY STORE, APPLE APP STORE, or Our Company’s official website, then register for an account and log in. If you are using Our Company's service(s) through any unofficial third party version(s) of software(s) or website(s), Our Company shall be not be liable to any of your loss(es) resulting from your action(s).

During the process of registering your account under Our Company’s software/website/online platform, you will be prompted to choose a username, nickname and password. You must choose your individualized username, nickname and password to create an account. If your account name infringes any copyright or trademark, Our Company reserves the right to terminate your account from our Company’s software/website/online platform. You shall be solely responsible to protect your password and agree not to disclose your password to any third party. You also agree that you shall take full responsibility for any activity(ies) or action(s) carried out with your account, regardless whether with or without your authorisation. If your account is used by any third party(ies) without your authorisation, please notify Our Company immediately. However, if your account is used illegally by any third party(ies) due to your negligence in customs declaration, Our Company shall not be responsible for handling any of such event(s).

Without limiting any other provisions of these Terms of Service, you shall not use any false identity or impersonate any other person or use a username, nickname or password that you are not authorised to use. Our Company shall not and will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by your failure to comply with the above requirement(s).

You will be legally and fully responsible for all activities or behaviours of your registered account, including any content you transmit and any consequences resulting from it. Your account shall not violate any national or international law(s), regulation(s) and Our Company's terms, policies, and regulations. During your usage of Our Company’s service(s), if there is any violation of any law, including but not limited to any infringement of the intellectual property rights or other rights and interests of Our Company or a third party, you shall fully bear the relevant legal responsibility. If there is any violation of any law, this clause or the relevant regulations of Our Company results in any damages to Our Company, or any remedy(ies) or compensation(s) due to any third party, you shall be liable for these damages to Our Company. Our Company reserves the right to conduct a due diligence exercise on all of the registration information which you have submitted through Our Company’s software/website/online platform.

Our Company reserves the right to unilaterally change, suspend, restrict, terminate or revoke all or part of Our Company’s service content(s) due to any business development needs from you at any time without any notice to you, wherein all Users are required to take note for this risk.

You are prohibited to use Our Company’s service platform to create, upload, copy, or send text, pictures, audio, video or any other form of information containing the following content(s) which shall:-

  1. Endanger the national security, leak any national secret(s), or damage national reputation and interest(s);
  2. Incite racial hatred, racial discrimination, and undermine national unity;
  3. Spread rumours, disrupt social order, and undermine social stability;
  4. Cause obscenity, gambling acts, violence, murder, or abetting any crime;
  5. Insult or slander others;
  6. Cause illegal infringement of any intellectual property rights or any rights of others;
  7. Cause other content that violates the law, the terms of Our Company's relevant regulations, or is contrary to public order.

Our Company is shall be allowed to use its reasonable judgment to take any action(s) against those who violate relevant laws and regulations or the provisions of this Agreement, or violate, obstruct, threaten any human rights or security content(s), or impersonate others, Our Company has the right to stop transmitting any of the content(s) stated earlier in accordance with the law, and has the right, based upon its own judgment, take appropriate legal actions against anyone who violates the law or this clause, including but not limited to remove any illegal, infringing, improper content from Our Company’s service, terminate the user qualifications of the violator, and prevent him from using Our Company’s service in future. Our Company provides all or any part of its service(s), and stores any relevant information in accordance with laws and regulations and reports to any relevant authority or governmental departments.

The ownership of your registered account and related rights and interests in Our Company's services belongs to Our Company, and you shall only have the right to use your account after completing the registration. Your account is only for your personal use, and you are prohibited to give, borrow, rent, transfer, back-handed or otherwise permit others to use your account in any form, without Our Company's written consent. If such event(s) is discovered, Our Company shall have the right to terminate your right to use your account.

If your account is stolen or lost due to any malicious attack(s) by any third party(ies) or due to your personal reason(s) or other unforeseen circumstances, you shall be solely responsible for it, and Our Company shall not assume any responsibility in such event(s).

If the User does not log in to the account for a long time after registering the account, Our Company shall have the right to reclaim the account, which will cause a waste of resources and any negative consequences caused by the User’s action shall be borne by the User.

All work(s), service software(s), screen arrangement(s) or the picture(s), text(s) or their composition involved, other sign(s), finished product(s), service name(s) and other material(s), their copyright(s), patent(s), trademark(s), trade secret(s) and other intellectual property right(s), ownership(s) or other information of Our Company are entirely owned by Our Company or its right holder(s). Except with prior legal authorisation of Our Company or its individual right holder(s) has been obtained, no one shall reproduce, modify, edit, distribute or rent, sell or lend in any form of all of the abovementioned item(s) without such authorisation. If it is used for other purposes, the offender shall bear all legal liabilities, and Our Company shall reserve the right request for any compensation in accordance to the law.

Legal liability and disclaimer

If the User violates the provisions of this Agreement or any related terms of service results in any claim(s), demand(s) or loss claimed by any third party(ies) including any reasonable attorney fees, and the User agrees to compensate Our Company and Our Company’s partner company(ies), , and to exempt them from any damages or compensation claimed.

If the User interferes with the normal operation of Our Company’s service(s) due to any third party(ies) such as the telecommunications department’s communication line failure, technical problem(s), network failure, computer failure, system instability, and any other reason(s) due to force majeure, Our Company and its cooperative unit(s) will contact Our Company as soon as possible to cooperate and deal with the repair as soon as possible. However, Our Company and its partners shall not be responsible for any loss(es) suffered by Users due to such event(s).

This service is similar to most of the Internet online services, it may be affected by different factors including but not limited to User reason(s), network service quality, social environment, etc., and may be intruded by various security issues, such as the use of the User’s data by others to cause real-life disruption problem(s); other software(s) downloaded and installed by the Users or other website(s) visited which may contain viruses, which may threaten the security of Users' computer information and data, and then affect the normal use of Our Company’s service(s), and etc. Users should have strong awareness of information security and User data protection, and should pay attention to strengthening your password protection to avoid unnecessary loss(es) or interruption(s).

The use of Our Company’s service(s) involves network services and may be affected by unstable factors in various segments. Therefore, Our Company’s service(s) has the risk of service interruption or failure to meet User requirements due to force majeure, computer viruses or hacker attacks, system instability, User location, User’s device shutdown, and any other technological, Internet, communication line reasons, etc. The User must bear all of the above risks, and Our Company will not guarantee for Our Company’s service(s) due to the above unforeseen disruption(s). Our Company shall not assume any responsibility(ies) for the User's inability to send, receive or read any information through our Company’s service(s), or receive or sent out any wrong information due to the above unforeseen disruption(s).

There is a risk of anonymous or fake information from any third party(ies), including threatening, defamatory, offensive or illegal content or behaviour, or infringement of the rights of others (including intellectual property rights) in the process of using Our Company’s service(s), the User shall bear all of the above risks. Our Company and partner companies do not guarantee for Our Company’s service(s), whether explicit or implicit, including the authenticity of all relevant information, fashion, suitability for a specific purpose, ownership and non-infringing implied guarantees and conditions and Our Company shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special and subsequent damages caused by the User's improper or illegal use of Our Company’s service(s).

In regards to the suspicious borrowing or other property-related network information, account password(s), advertisement(s) or promotion information, the Users are advised to be cautious and make their own judgments on this matter. Based on the aforementioned reason(s), you may suffer in terms of profit, business reputation, data loss or other tangible or intangible losses, in which Our Company shall not bear any direct, indirect, incidental, special, derivative or punitive responsibility, compensation or liability.

Our Company is not responsible for any theft or unauthorised use of credit cards to purchase any product(s) or service(s) of Our Company. The Users should observe and refer to the respective credit card company's rightful management and terms of use for the credit card(s) and credit card usage record(s). In addition to this, if Our Company determines that there is a risk of unauthorised use of any credit card, Our Company may restrict the usage of Our Company's services to the credit card involved.

Our Company shall not be liable under any circumstances for any indirect, consequential, punitive, peculiar or penal damages, including the loss of profits suffered by Users due to the use of Our Company’s service.

Service termination and change

The User understands and agrees that Our Company has the right to modify, interrupt, suspend or terminate Our Company’s service(s) and on other software(s) or website(s) after the announcement for the overall operation’s need, without being responsible to the User or assuming any liability for compensation. Our Company also reserves the right to remove, delete, cancel, edit, change, modify and/or block all or part of your published content for any reason without prior notice to you. Our Company's services may be interrupted at times due to scheduled maintenance or updates, emergency repair(s), communication link(s) and/or equipment failure(s), or any other reason(s). Under such circumstances, Our Company shall not be liable to you for any damages due to any modification, suspension, malfunction, suspension of any service, or loss of your published content, or any other form of damages.

Limitation of Liability

The User understands that Our Company does not provide any expressed or implied guarantees for the service(s) provided by Our Company in addition to these terms or other related regulations, including but not limited to commercial applicability, the applicability for specific purposes and no infringement the rights of others. Our Company does not guarantee the stability, error-free, and uninterrupted of Our Company’s service(s), you are well-informed and are willing to bear such risks of using Our Company’s service(s) and any damage(s) that may result thereof. Our Company will provide various service(s) in accordance with Our Company’s general plan and Our Company does not guarantee that this service will fully meet your requirements, including any special need of the User(s).

General conditions

These terms of service constitute the complete Agreement between you and Our Company regarding your use of Our Company’s service(s), and replace any previous Agreement between you and Our Company. However, your use of Our Company’s object data exchange service and network marketing cooperation Agreement should still be valid according to the terms of service you have previously agreed with Our Company or affiliated companies on the use of the service, whereby the terms of service will not be replaced. You may also be subjected to additional terms or conditions when you use or purchase specific service(s) provided by Our Company, affiliated company services, or any third-party content(s). The interpretation and application of these terms of service, as well as disputes related to these terms of service, shall be handled in accordance with the laws of Malaysia, unless otherwise provided by the law. Our Company's failure to exercise or implement any right(s) or provision(s) of these terms of service does not constitute a waiver of the previous right(s) or provision(s). If any provision(s) of these terms of service are deemed invalid by a court, the parties shall agree that the court should strive to make the true intentions expressed in the previous provisions of the parties valid, and other remaining provisions of these terms of service shall be absolutely valid. The title(s) of these terms of service is only for the convenience of Users to read and understand, and it does not have any legal or contractual effect(s). If there is any violation of the terms of service, please contact our customer service immediately.

Our Company reserves the right to update and modify the terms of service and relevant standard(s) of operation(s). If the terms of service are updated or modified, there shall be no separate notice given to you. You can review the new version of the terms of service on Our Company's website or online platform. If you do not agree to the modified content, please cease using Our Company’s service(s). If you continue to use Our Company’s service(s) after this announcement, it is deemed that you have accepted and agreed to the terms of service as provided herein.